Lovie Olivia

Beauty, body, archeology, history, and intersectionality are recurring themes in Olivia’s ongoing multidisciplinary practice. Olivia’s paintings, prints, and installations reflect their interests in complex identities, cultural anthropology and social exchange through unusual methodologies. Olivia employs a modified process of fresco (including digital fresco) that experiments with abstraction and incorporates their visual language as a way of exploring themes of race, gender, power, sexuality and the different value systems attached to them. By manipulating layers of information including secco-fresco paintings and objects in concert with pigmented overlays, marks and monotypes that merge the worlds of painting, printmaking and sculpture. These multi-dimensional works embody stratums of data and scores through a seductive queer-ing of materials and assemblage. This marriage of archaic and modern materiality is used to honor the zeal of painting, celebrate the decorative and domestic and utilize the art of excavation while careful exploring human histories, specifically the histories of queer women of color.